Update – 2015/9/10

Update – 2015/9/10

Sorry about the lack of updates for those who see this. Work has really gotten busy recently, and setting up this site has also taken quite some time too. (I can become such a perfectionist with these kinds of things. Bethesda character creators always take me longer than the actual game.) There are still some things I need to do to pretty it up, especially concerning the main page, but I should be able to speed up my translations soon. I have been writing, but I don’t want to upload anything until I make a suitable amount of progress, so hopefully it will go up soon.

In other news, I just finished another book by Hyouka-author Honobu Yonezawa, Goodbye, Faerie, and like expected, I really, really like it. It’s a stand-alone work (there have been some spin-offs around the other characters in later works) and I’m wondering if I should translate this work or Penguin Highway first.

I already wrote the blub for Penguin Highway, and Goodbye, Faerie is about a boy who finds a seemingly-lost foreign girl one day and how they, along with his friends, spend their days relatively peacefully, exploring the town around them. Although it technically has mystery elements, it has even less mystery than Hyouka did. It is very much a quintessentially Japanese novel in its quiet presentation. Warning: It gets really melancholic at some many points. Also recommended for people who are interested in Eastern-European history.

If you do have a preference for one or the other, you can leave a comment below or send me a message. The feedback would be awesome.

5 thoughts on “Update – 2015/9/10

  1. First of all, I like your new homepage. Don’t know what you’re going to ‘improve’ here – because I think it already IS perfect – but however, it will be awesome I guess! XD

    As for the question.. I’m interested in both ‘Penguin Highway’ and ‘Goodbye, Faerie’. Though I have to say ‘Goodbye, Faerie’ caught my attention a little more and since you have had fun reading it, it might be fun translating as well. So why not do stuff you like first?

    1. Everything is good! XD I’ve just been very hard pressed for time and motivation recently. Good news is there is a new Hyoka short story coming out tomorrow though, so I’ll definitely be translating that.

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