Goodbye, Fairy – Prologue

Goodbye, Fairy – Prologue

The prologue of our next project, edited by qhp once again, is out! It’s titled Goodbye, Fairy and was writted by Honobu Yonezawa of Classics Club Series/Hyouka fame. I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to read it!

(PS: Sorry to those who have been waiting for the Petit Bourgeois translations. I’m going to be putting that one off for now.)

7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Fairy – Prologue

    1. Hey! Glad to see you could make it over here.

      This novel is technically a one-off, but he has another series whose main character is an important character in this book. It’s a very new series, unlike this book, and it only has one volume + a couple short stories so far. I haven’t read any of it yet, however, so I’m not sure how related to this book’s plot line it is. All I know is the character is much older and in a place far away from this book’s setting, so I think it’s safe to say there isn’t a big connection.

  1. Hello! I’m brazilian and, last year, I read classics club 5.
    It was a amazing experience because after the ending of the anime series I was so curious about what would happen next!
    It was the first book that I read totally in english (because I’m improving my english yet) and in the future I want to translate it to portuguese too.
    Thanks for the Hyouka spin-off story as well and I’m waiting for Goodbye, fairy and another works from Yonezawa-sensei!
    Good job in your translation works (and sorry if I wrote something wrong :v kkkk)

    1. Hey man, thanks for leaving this comment!

      I’m really happy that you enjoyed the book, and that you might even translate it yourself! While I do love translating, of course, I also love hearing back from people who appreciate my (and the author’s) work. I hope it was a good experience to help your English, and I hope that you’ll continue to read in the future as well. Good luck on your translation! If you have any questions about the material, feel free to message me.

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