Asano Releases “Yuusha-tachi” Chapter 2

Asano Releases “Yuusha-tachi” Chapter 2

I figured I’d post this here because I’m a huge fan of Asano Inio, but chapter 2 of his manga, “Yuusha-tachi” (or Heroes), came out a little bit ago! I don’t usually follow manga releases very closely, but this guy is an exception. Chapter 1 came out around a year ago, so here’s hoping we get a volume’s worth soon!


” ‘Yuusha-tachi’ chapter 2 came out as an extra in yesterday’s edition of Hibana magazine! It’s been a year! I wonder how long it’ll take before I write enough to fill the first volume at this rate!”

The website for Hibana.

Maybe if no one translates it in due time, I’ll set aside a weekend. ;D Do I have any other Asano fans here?

3 thoughts on “Asano Releases “Yuusha-tachi” Chapter 2

  1. No comments, that’s really sad. Inio Asano is one of my favourite authors, his way of portraying life in his darkest parts really got me hooked. I don’t usually read scans, I’m lucky that except for his last works (D-D-D-Destruction etc etc) all of his manga are published in my country (I’m Italian btw). I hope even these two works will get realeased here, in the worst case scenario, I’ll read them online. It really seems you and I have really similar tastes, or maybe it’s just me that likes pratically anything (another one of my favourite mangaka is Tsutomu Nihei, completely different works).

    1. I’m glad someone in your country respects him enough to bring it over. xD DDD has been on the front shelves everywhere here in Japan, and it’s always a breath of fresh air to see his art on display when I pass by the manga sections. LOL I’ve never heard of Nihei, too. I think I’ll check him out when I have the time. Looks interesting.

      1. I used him as an example to tell you how wide are my tastes (I like pratically every genre). Nihei draws very peculiar SF mangas, where dialogues are almost absent (except for his last work, Knights of Sidonia) and his stunning drawings of dystopic worlds are the main narrators of his stories, even more the characters themselves. You may give it a try, but he is one of the mangakas that you absolutely love him or you abslotely despise him (there’s no grey zone), of course I’m part of the first category.

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