Hyouka Vol. 6 Scheduled for November Release

Hyouka Vol. 6 Scheduled for November Release

Yonezawa just announced on Twitter that he’s planning on releasing the newest Hyouka volume in November this year. The release will include all of the previously unanthologized short stories up to this point (4 of them so far) and will contain new material as well, which he will expand on at a later date. I’ll be translating this as soon as it comes out, of course!


He also announced a new short story for his Petit Bourgeois series, which he states will not be a part of the 4th and concluding volume, but hopefully will bode well for its eventual release. This is his second biggest series, next to the Classics Club Series, and fans have been waiting a couple years short of a decade for for the last volume.


12 thoughts on “Hyouka Vol. 6 Scheduled for November Release

  1. Hi there, greetings from Vietnam.

    Firstly thank you so much about the lastest translation. I also found the post of yours on Reddit and that discussion was to exciting to read… honestly for a series which spans for such a long time and still be a topic for passionate discuss 🙂

    There’s one thing I wanna ask: Do you intent to put “The long holiday” to your concurrent list, or wait until the 6th volume to be out late this year. Go through this page I see that you’re ambitious enough to go for a lot of LN already.

    Again, thank you for your hard work.

    1. Thanks for the kind words!

      To keep my answer to your question short: if I somehow end up with a copy of “The Long Holiday” before the novel comes out, I will translate it right away, but I won’t go out of my way to get it before then.

      Someone has mentioned getting me a copy, but I’m not sure if it will happen. I think it would be a safe bet to assume I won’t get a copy in time. (And those projects I have listed are somewhat like a personal list. I doubt I’ll actually be able to get to all of them.)

  2. OMG Hyouka is coming :333
    Such a great news!
    What will happen in this new release…? I’M CURIOUS!

  3. Thank you always for the hard work xD
    The last volume was great and very interesting…….. the ending was somewhat sad but it was very very good ^____^
    Im expecting in this upcoming release hahahaha.
    BTW is this the last volume?? I’ve read something that tells about volume 6 being the last volume of Hyouka. Is it true??

    1. Yonezawa hasn’t said anything to that effect. The only certain thing is that there will be a volume 6, and personally, I highly doubt it will be the last volume.

      Thanks for your message!

  4. Manyflower you are my hero, not only are you translating my favourite LN, but also in a very easy and comprehensive way that makes it very easy to understand. THANKS!!

  5. I am really excited for the new volume to be released. My sister is always teasing me of how I keep reading hyouka light novels again and again. But now that there are new parts coming out I can rub it off her face.hahaha.. Thank you! When do you think the translated version will be released? Most importantly…

    Why is your name Manlyflower? I am curious..

    1. I’m glad you’re excited! I don’t have a date for the translation unfortunately, but I’m still working on it! As for my name, I chose it because of my name in real life.

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