The Spring Special Strawberry Tart Case

The Spring Special Strawberry Tart Case

Petit Bourgeois Series Volume 1

Written by Honobu Yonezawa
Published by Sougen Suiri Bunsho (2004)
ISBN 978-4488451011

Volume Synopsis:
Kobato-kun and Osanai-san are in their first year of high school. Though they aren’t lovers nor dependent on each other, the two of them have a peculiar, mutually-beneficial relationship. Today, like every other day, they only wish to be modest, upstanding lower-middle class citizens, or as they call it, petit bourgeois, and yet, they still manage to constantly find themselves face-to-face with strange mysteries around every corner. Although he doesn’t want to stand out like some sort of genius detective, Kobato-kun somehow always ends up finding himself trapped in situations that force him to unravel these mysteries anyways. Will he ever be able to become his ideal petit bourgeois?

Table of Contents

The Sheep Costume
For Your Eyes Only
How to Make Delicious Hot Chocolate
Stuck in the Stomach
The Lone Wolf’s Heart