Approximating the Distance between Two

「二人の距離の概算」(Futari no Kyori no Gaisan)

Classics Club Series – Volume 5

Written by Honobu Yonezawa
Published by Kadokawa (2010)
ISBN 978-4048740753

Volume Synopsis:

As spring brings Houtarou and his friends into their second year at Kamiyama High School, first-year Tomoko Ohinata joins the Classics Club as a provisional member. Although quickly warming up to Chitanda and the others, she suddenly announces her withdrawal from the club one day, leaving behind a single mysterious sentence. It seems to trace back to a conversation she had with Chitanda in the classroom, but Houtarou refuses to accept it. ‘She’s not the kind of person to hurt others like that.’ As he runs the Marathon Event on the day of the club-entry cutoff, Houtarou will try to deduce the truth and change her mind!

Table of Contents: