SOLARIS the Abyssal

「絶深海のソラリス」(Zetsu-Shinkai no Solaris)

Written by LuckyLuci
Illustrated by Asagiri
Published by MF Bunko J (2014)
ISBN 978-4040663913

Volume Synopsis:

“Water manipulation”—the supernatural ability developed by mankind in the 22nd century that made it possible to traverse the ocean depths. Minato Yamajo returned to his old academy as an instructor to teach aspiring water manipulator trainees and ended up with two under his instruction—Natsuka Hoshino, his bumbling, yet cheerful childhood friend, and Chloe Knightley, a celebrated genius with a disagreeable personality. Watching these two as they worked their hardest, Minato started to truly enjoy his time as an instructor. However, the arrival of an SOS from the depths of a submerged city signaled the end of those peaceful days.

Table of Contents: