Even Though I’m Told I Now Have Wings

「いまさら翼といわれても」(Imasara Tsubasa to Iwaretemo)

Classics Club Series – Volume 6

Written by Honobu Yonezawa
Published by Kadokawa (2016)
ISBN 978-4041047613

Volume Synopsis:

Entrusted with a solo part in Kamiyama City’s Choir Festival, Chitanda suddenly goes missing before her turn to go on stage! Using what he knows about Eru’s actions before summer break, Mayaka Ibara and Satoshi Fukube’s evidence, song lyrics, and a certain person’s lie, Houtarou Oreki must go and find out where Chitanda is… as well as her true intentions. Includes six refreshing as well as bitter short stories illuminating the past and future of the four Classics Club members!

Table of Contents: